Chapter 5: The National Meeting, Training and Seminar System


The Market America National Meeting, Training and Seminar System provides for the development of a systematic, coordinated, and comprehensive business introduction, training, motivational and support system in every location where there is Market America organizational growth. The program is comprised of various types of meetings, trainings, seminars, conferences and conventions. Utilizing this program enables all Market America Distributors and UnFranchise® Owners to access the most competent speakers and trainers within Market America and the very best expertise in the industry with respect to building a strong Distributor organization using the UnFranchise Business Development System. Implementation of this program allows all Market America Distributors to build their business anywhere in the United States and in Canada.

  • The National Meeting, Training and Seminar System entails:
  • One-to-One Meetings
  • Home Kick-Offs
  • UnFranchise Business Presentations
  • New Distributor Trainings
  • Basic 5 Trainings
  • Executive Coordinator Certification Trainings
  • Corporate-Sponsored Certified Trainers Schools
  •  WebCenter Certification Trainings
  • Corporate-Sponsored Certified WebCenter Trainer Schools
  • General Product Trainings
  • Motives® Day 1 Training – Product Knowledge, Application Techniques and Getting Started with Motives
  • Motives Day 2 – Custom Blend Liquid and Minerals; Building your Business with Motives
  • Motives Skin Care 101 Training
  • Motives University Major Overview (UMO)
  • Local Seminars
  • District Conferences
  • Regional Conventions
  • Corporate-Sponsored World Conferences
  • International Conventions

Although there are many different techniques in building the business, it is generally agreed that there are three absolute key success factors to fast and stable growth: 1) instilling BELIEF in your Distributors; 2) providing them with the KNOWLEDGE to follow up and act on their belief; and 3) sustaining continued ENTHUSIASM and a constant influx of new, excited people into the business. Years of experience by many companies and individuals have proven that meetings, trainings, seminars, and conventions are essential to developing these key factors for personal and organizational growth.

When we bring new people into the UnFranchise business, what are we really trying to accomplish with them? Initially, we talk to them and get them to listen to audios, preview videos outlining the UnFranchise system and Market America’s Mall Without Walls® concept, read the Career Manual, review the Power Profiles, and read through Market America’s Powerline magazine. In short, we are trying to get them to BELIEVE in what a Market America Independent Distributorship can provide them. We accomplish this by showing the power of the UnFranchise system and the positive effect in changing people’s lives. They will seek out the necessary information, attend trainings and events to acquire the knowledge for strong management skills, and become proactive in seeking the assistance that they need to achieve their desired level of personal success. The critical objective is to get them to take positive actions that will immediately elevate their levels of BELIEF, KNOWLEDGE and ENTHUSIASM, so that any elements of negativity are initially removed.

When prospective Distributors see the Market America’s Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP), regardless of whether it is a One-to-One Presentation or an UnFranchise Business Presentation, it is only ink on paper, or some form of abstract art drawn out on a marker board. Audio and video materials, the Career Manual, and the Powerline magazine are all very valuable tools for passing along information and firmly establishing a basic level of BELIEF; however, the reality of the UnFranchise system and the strongest motivational element are the Distributors themselves and what they are doing. If we are proactive in getting people to attend UnFranchise Business Presentations, Local Seminars, District Conferences, Regional Conventions, or most importantly, the International Convention and the World Conference in the first few weeks or at least within the first months, it gives them an opportunity to be in an environment where they can experience the contagious ENTHUSIASM of successful Distributors and UnFranchise Owners.

Think about it — YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH A WHOLE MONTH’S WORK IN A SINGLE DAY! Simply by being positive and proactive in getting all members of your sales organization to NMTSS events. It has been proven that Distributors and UnFranchise Owners who attend NMTSS events are those individuals that experience the fastest and most stable growth within their organizations. By attending seminars, conferences, conventions and trainings, and bringing new members of their organizations with them, Distributors are able to greatly elevate levels of BELIEF and generate enormous ENTHUSIASM. The result: fast and stable growth. Consequently, by attending Local Seminars, District Conference events, Regional Conventions, and other trainings provided through the NMTSS, you are setting the example for your organization to follow and DUPLICATE. Remember, “WHAT YOU SET INTO MOTION CARRIES INTO MOTION.”

Our business is so INTANGIBLE. We can’t see it or touch it. It is a number of people independently working together to produce an outstanding organization. However, our meetings, trainings, seminars, conferences and conventions are TANGIBLE. You can see the ENTHUSIASM and BELIEF levels of the people that are in attendance at these events. You can see them, speak to them, and touch them, and acquire knowledge from them on how to best succeed at growing your organization. The people in attendance at these events and trainings compose the elements that make our business TANGIBLE. These programs are designed to demonstrate what Market America is about and allow all those who attend to witness what can be accomplished as a Market America Distributor and as an UnFranchise® Owner. However, it is imperative that they see it and feel it again and again. These events are the binding that holds our organizations together and allows us to sustain and maintain our business growth.

It has been said, “We are in the business of keeping people in the business until they see the light.” Given that Market America is based upon what the statistically AVERAGE person can ACTUALLY and REALISTICALLY do, and that the AVERAGE person must SEE IT before he/she will BELIEVE IT, this statement could not prove to be truer.

The leaders of our organizations are constantly holding One-to-One meetings, holding UnFranchise Business Presentations, having Home Kick-Offs and Product Preview Presentations, conducting trainings and corings for persons of many different organizations, and ultimately are encouraging Distributors through discouraging times. It is through their tireless enthusiasm and often selfless efforts that our organizations grow. It is frequently asked about our leaders, “What sustains these leaders’ enthusiasm and provides the motivation for them to continue their efforts?” The answer is simple: “No one is so strong that they never need encouragement and support.” Our leaders provide the needed support through their promotion and attendance of Local Seminars, District Conferences, Regional Conventions, and the corporate-sponsored International Convention and World Conference. It is at these events that Market America’s leaders are able to recharge their own batteries and reaffirm their own levels of belief, strengthen their attitudes, and stimulate their thinking. It is at these events that our leaders are able to renew their sense of purpose and see and feel the fruits of their efforts and labors; and most importantly, if not the most exciting aspect of these events, it is a place where new people are introduced to the BELIEF, KNOWLEDGE and ENTHUSIASM of what being a member of TEAM Market America and their Market America distributorship will provide for them, if they have the desire and the commitment. To this end, the Market America National Meeting, Training and Seminar System has been developed.


One of the most effective presentations is a home meeting where you invite a new prospect or lead over to discuss the Market America business. This can be very informal; however, you always want to be as professional as possible when representing Market America. You want to make sure that there are no distractions such as TVs playing, pets running around, children trying to get attention, or telephones ringing. This type of meeting can be for one, two or three people sitting across from each other at the kitchen table. When conducting a meeting across the kitchen table, it is very effective to use a company flip chart of the Marketing Plan, or you can simply draw out the Marketing Plan on a pad of paper. One very effective method of presenting the Marketing Plan is to sit and view a Market America video that explains the Marketing Plan and brief information about several stores within Market America’s Mall Without Walls®. Watching the video is a terrific method of presenting the Marketing Plan if you are new, or are located in an area where upline attendance is impossible. You can view the video and pause at points where you think emphasis is needed. Whichever method you choose, it is always advisable that your sponsor, upline Coordinator, or Certified Executive Coordinator be there with you to add support and help you. It adds to your credibility, as well as the basic duplication and management philosophies of Market America, if your sponsor is in attendance. Additionally, your sponsor and/or upline representative can assist you in answering any questions, and of course, if you miss any important points, they are there to help fill in information, or lend a hand if you get stuck. When representing the program in a living room setting or a Home Kick-off, it is necessary to set up a marker board (whiteboard) in order to explain the Marketing Plan. It is advisable to set up an attractive product display if available. Simply follow the format as it is provided in Chapter 21, Section 2: “UnFranchise Business Presentation.” The difference in the presentation is that the meeting is more informal and you will not have multiple speakers.


The sole purpose of this critically important meeting is to provide consistent and accurate information in an exciting and professional environment set up to accomplish two major goals:

·     To offer guests or prospects enough information, presented in a professional and enthusiastic manner, for them to make a positive decision to become Distributors.

·     To introduce prospects and new Distributors, recruited in the past week, to other like-minded people. This will help in building credibility and excitement.

An UnFranchise Business Presentation is designed to allow prospects to see the business as presented by an individual more knowledgeable and practiced at making the presentation. Every prospect or Distributor who has seen the business through a One-To-One meeting or Home Kick-off should be taken to an UnFranchise Business Presentation as soon as possible.


New Distributor Training is one of the three required trainings that are part of the responsibility of being a Market America UnFranchise® Owner and Distributor. This training is designed to ensure that the key factors necessary for success are provided to beginning Distributors. These knowledge elements and factors consist of defining and gaining commitment for their new endeavor; being able to share the Market America UnFranchise system with others; possessing an overview of the UnFranchise Business Development System basics and developing a general foundation on required forms and administration. It is imperative to provide new Distributors with the basic and fundamental knowledge that will provide the information necessary for establishing a successful UnFranchise business.

SEC.  4               BASIC 5 TRAINING

Duplication of certain fundamentals of success is the key to lasting prosperity with Market America. These fundamentals can be reduced to five basics: (1) Attitude and Knowledge; (2) Goals; (3) Retailing; (4) Prospecting, Recruiting and Sponsoring; and (5) Building Depth with the ABC Pattern and Follow-up. The Basic 5 Training is designed to ensure that Distributors are knowledgeable of these five fundamentals. The Basic 5 is one of the three required trainings that must be attended as a Market America Distributor. The Basic 5 Training and the New Distributor Training must be completed prior to attending the Executive Coordinator Certification Training. The most successful Distributors attend the Basic 5 Training on a consistent basis. All Distributors must attend a Basic 5 and receive from their instructor a completed New Distributor Training and Basic 5 Training Completion Certificate (Code 280). Instructors must sign and certify each certificate with their name, the attendee’s name, the location, and the date they gave the training. Without this certificate and the proper information completed, a Distributor may not attend an Executive Coordinator Certification Training.


The Executive Coordinator Certification Training may ONLY be conducted by a Market America Certified Trainer. The Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT) is one of the three required trainings that each Market America Distributor must attend. All participants must have attended a New Distributor Training and a Basic 5 Training prior to taking the ECCT and present the proper certificate (the New Distributor Training and Basic 5 Training Certificate [Code 280]) to gain admittance.

The Certified Trainer will conduct the Executive Coordinator Certification Training covering, at a minimum, the following topics:

  • Overview/Introduction to Market America
  • The Marketing Plan and Management Performance Compensation Plan
  • Legal Affairs and Administration
  • Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations
  • The National Meeting, Training and Seminar System
  • Online Reports and Management


Certified Trainer Schools are corporate-sponsored and corporate-operated training programs conducted one to three times per year. These Certified Trainer Schools are conducted to teach qualified Distributors how to teach other Distributors and UnFranchise Owners the key administrative elements necessary for successful participation in the Management Performance Compensation Plan. Market America’s Certified Trainers are an elite group of Distributors, not only because of the breadth of knowledge and success that they have experienced as Distributors, but also because they have accepted the challenge of being leaders among all of Market America’s Distributor force. They are examples for every Distributor to duplicate, and because of this they are held to a higher standard of performance within the UnFranchise system. Certified Trainers are the only approved trainers permitted to conduct the Executive Coordinator Certification Training, a mandatory requirement for all Executive Coordinators.

The Certified Trainer School addresses Career Manual topics in-depth so that proper training of UnFranchise Owners can be conducted by the Certified Trainer administering the Executive Coordinator Certification Training. The course of instruction addresses, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Market America Partnership For Success (MAPS)
  • Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations
  • The Management Performance Compensation Plan
  • The National Meeting, Training and Seminar System
  • The UnFranchise Business Account and the UnFranchise Management System
  • Illegal Direct Selling and Network Marketing Programs
  • Legal Affairs and Administration
  • International Expansion


WebCenter Certification Trainings are designed to train Distributors how to sell third-party websites. With the popularity of third-party websites increasing, one would not want to miss an opportunity to get into the game and add this product to your retailing arsenal. Only a Certified WebCenter Trainer can conduct a WebCenter Certification Training.

Some of the topics covered in this training include:

  • WebCenter Functionality
  • Website Functionality
  • Basic 5/WebCenter Business
  • Selling and Marketing Websites
  • Systemized Approach to Selling Websites
  • Role Playing
  • The Event Wizard
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Sales Support


Certified WebCenter Trainer Schools are corporate-sponsored and corporate-operated training programs conducted one to two times per year. These schools are conducted to prepare individuals to train others on Market America Internet products and services and to keep trainers current with new Internet products and services and with Market America’s Internet policies. Applications for classes are available online. Certified WebCenter Trainers are the only approved trainers permitted to conduct the WebCenter Certification Trainings.


General Product Trainings are designed to enhance Distributor knowledge of products within Market America’s Mall Without Walls® that were covered at the Corporate Product Symposium. Among the stores covered are Health and Nutrition, Personal Care, and Biotech. This training should help your confidence in retailing products by providing you the information to be more knowledgeable about the products you are selling. Field Product Specialists are the only approved trainers permitted to conduct the General Product Trainings.


The Motives Day 1 Training is a seven-hour class, open to all Distributors and guests, which highlights the Motives cosmetics product line and how to build a business around Motives. This class covers detailed product knowledge of our entire line of Motives by Loren Ridinger cosmetics, along with proper application of each product and techniques with which to apply them. Students will learn sanitation procedures, how to prepare the skin for application, and the order in which to apply products. Application is divided into four sections including:

  • Priming and Base
  • Applying Color (Eyes)
  • Lip and Cheek
  • Touch-ups and Tools

The class also covers how to conduct a basic Motives Clinic and start developing a client base towards building Base 10, Seven Strong with Motives.

Admission Cost: $50.00 per training.


The Motives Day 2 Training is a seven-hour training for Distributors only. This class covers how to create perfect customized mineral powders, blushes and bronzers, and why our custom mineral powders are so unique. Students will learn the concept of Custom Blend, the theory of foundation, the 3 C’s of foundation, and the theory of our new Custom Blend Liquid Foundation. Students will learn how to make custom tints, foundations and camouflage with our new Custom Blend Liquid Foundation. This class also covers building your business with Motives and how to incorporate Motives into the Two- to Three-Year Plan. A detailed business plan including Base 10, Seven Strong is included in the training.

Admission Cost: $50.00 per training.

SEC.  12             MOTIVES® TRAINING: SKIN CARE 101

The Skin Care 101 Training is a three-hour training that is open to Distributors and guests. This training is a complete overview of each of our skincare lines, including Skintelligence®, Cellular Laboratories®, Vitashield®, Pentaxyl®, and Timeless Prescription®. Each one of the lines is covered in detail, including information on how and when to apply the product for maximum results.

Cost of this training is $15.00 per attendee.

Senior Consultant: Once you have completed Motives Day 1 and Day 2 Trainings, and the Skin Care 101 Training, and your nine-digit Distributor ID Number has been submitted to the Motives Department, you will need one of each of the following kit purchases to be considered a Senior Consultant.

  • Motives Custom Blend Kit (Code 2009CBCK) or Motives Custom Mineral Kit (Code 3365)
  • Motives Consultant Kit (Code 2009MLE) or Motives Starter Kit (Code 2009MSK [Light/Medium] / Code 2009MSKD [Medium/Dark])


This class can only be held by Motives National Trainers and is an overview of our entire cosmetic line, including a presentation of the business plan incorporating Motives by Loren Ridinger as the Major.

SEC.  14             LOCAL SEMINARS

A Local Seminar is a more in-depth Basic 5 presentation that lasts six to eight hours and features a Guest Speaker who is an approved Speaker’s Bureau Category II member. Only approved Speaker’s Bureau Category II members can be featured speakers at a Local Seminar and receive an honorarium and/or paid expenses. At Local Seminars, Distributors and UnFranchise® Owners are taught additional sales techniques and organizational-building techniques from some of the invited Guest Distributors in the respective area. Product Trainings can be included in this event as well as informational segments devoted to the various stores within Market America’s Mall Without Walls®. This event also recognizes area Distributors and UnFranchise Owners who have achieved new Pin Levels and UFO qualification or requalification, or have achieved outstanding retailing or recruiting accomplishments or other related success. Local Seminars are held approximately every two to three months in local areas of their respective Districts and Regionals.


A District Conference is an event to recognize area achievers, and the total event lasts between six to eight hours and features one or two Guest Speakers discussing a series of specialty topics relevant to the UnFranchise system. Topics can cover, but are not limited to, such areas as: the 90-Day Action Plan, UnFranchise responsibilities, the OPC-3® Retail System, cross-pollination strategies, long-distance sponsoring, and/or recruiting. Guest Speakers should be selected from Pin Levels of National Supervising Coordinator through Field Vice President. At a District Conference event, as at all National Meeting, Training and Seminar System events, there cannot be more than two featured Guest Speakers. Only approved Speaker’s Bureau Category II members can be featured speakers at a District Conference and receive an honorarium and/or paid expenses.


Market America has divided North America into seven regions. Once each year, Regional Directors will plan, organize, promote, and finally stage a two- to three-day event. Each District Coordinator and Local Coordinator from the respective region should vigorously promote the Regional Convention so that attendance will be at a premium level. Advanced training in marketing techniques, in-depth product knowledge, organizational-building strategies, and relevant growth methods are provided by top field and corporate leadership. These elaborately orchestrated events are powerful, extremely motivating, highly professional, and educational experiences. Participation by Locals and Districts in promoting attendance can serve as a catalyst for establishing a renewed sense of pride in their respective areas and elevate all Distributor’s levels of BELIEF, KNOWLEDGE and especially ENTHUSIASM. Regional Conventions should be a time of planning for growth in the respective area. Regional Directors, District Coordinators, Local Coordinators, and UnFranchise Business Presentation Coordinators should use this opportunity to set goals for area growth during the next year, and a definitive plan should be drawn for these goals to be achieved. Dates for Regional Conventions are determined by the Senior Vice President of Market America at the annual NMTSS conference. Only approved Speaker’s Bureau Category II members can be featured speakers at a Regional Convention and receive an honorarium and/or paid expenses.


The Market America corporate-sponsored World Conference is conducted once a year. This conference is designed for advanced training in necessary management and leadership skills specifically relating to the UnFranchise® Business Development System.


The Market America corporate-sponsored International Convention is the annual celebration and learning experience for ALL Market America Distributors and UnFranchise Owners. The International Convention is designed to educate, motivate and offer recognition to those Distributors and UnFranchise Owners who have worked hard and have achieved a level of excellence during the past year. Recognition is also given to those individual Distributors who have met the President’s Challenge (the criteria is determined by founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Market America, JR Ridinger). Awards and accolades — including Top Recruiter, Top Retailer, Pin Level increases, and NMTSS Region of the Year — are given to those that best represent the spirit and commitment of Team Market America. It is the time when new products are introduced into Market America’s Mall Without Walls®. The corporate-sponsored International Convention is the gala event of the year for all Distributors and UnFranchise Owners.


Market America wants to provide every person who is committed to achieving a level of success utilizing the Management Performance Compensation Plan the tools that he/she needs to succeed. Business support materials are available in English, Chinese and Spanish. Translation services for corporate-sponsored events, when available, will be provided via radio transmission and at a nominal price to those needing these translation services. Prior to the event, the Events Director will announce if translation services will be available for the upcoming corporate-sponsored event and the cost per person to utilize this service. If translation services are requested for individually-sponsored events (Local Seminars, District Conference events, and Regional Conventions), then it is the responsibility of the leaders, either the Local Coordinator, District Coordinator or Regional Director, of the respective area to seek out and contract those services on an individual basis.


The business objective is to build your UnFranchise® sales organization by sharing the benefits of Market America’s products and the benefits of the business opportunity. It is therefore vitally important that one conduct all meetings as professionally as possible in order to accomplish these objectives.

Even moderately successful people in the network marketing business have failed to realize that it is the little “professional” details that make a tremendous difference in realizing success. It is the fine points of how the meeting is conducted that translate into how successfully we sell products or sponsor new Distributors. For detailed, comprehensive information on setting up and running a professional NMTSS meeting/training, please see Chapter 21. This information includes details on setting up meeting rooms, using effective product displays, utilizing guest speakers, etc., that will make running your events smooth and easy.


The North American continent has been divided into seven regions. The following is the regional breakdown:

Northeast Region: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Mideast Region: Delaware, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Southeast Region: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Northern Region: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Southern Region: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

Western Region: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming and Guam.

Canadian Region: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, New Foundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Saskatchewan.


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