Chapter 1: The Company


SEC. 1                Market America's Four Cornerstones

Founded in 1992, Market America is an innovative product brokerage and Internet marketing company based in Greensboro, North Carolina, specializing in One-to-One Marketing. A member of the Direct Selling Association, the company markets a wide range of high-quality, consumer-oriented, and market-driven products and services through a vast network of Independent Distributors and UnFranchise® Owners.

The company empowers this network as an effective sales, marketing and distribution force through the UnFranchise Business Development System — the most dynamic and affordable home-based independent plan ever created. It is a perfected, standardized, and uniform structure that combines franchising with direct sales to promote the duplication of independent business success.

Determined to differentiate itself from other direct sales opportunities and to lead the parade into the One-to-One future with computerized marketing through the use of electronic technology, Market America has built its success on a solid foundation of Four Cornerstones:

(A)   The Binomial Marketing System with the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP): The most advanced and realistic compensation program in the industry, the MPCP addresses the problems associated with other direct sales/network marketing programs with its emphasis on organization building in depth, not width, thus avoiding group competition. The Management Performance Compensation Plan offers better cash flow, higher retention, higher and consistent earnings, and the ability to attract a wide variety of people. It was designed based on what has already been proven the average person can actually and realistically do, thus ensuring profitability and stability. Market America’s Management Performance Compensation Plan is exceptional and fair, rewarding field representatives not only for their selling success, but also for their leadership and their management in motivating and training other Distributors and UnFranchise Owners to conduct their businesses according to the proven business system. The Binomial Marketing System perfectly facilitates One-to-One Marketing. An additional dynamic is the Incentive Business Volume (IBV) Compensation Plan, which opens the door to Affiliate Partner merchandise on the Internet and new customized products.

(B)   The UnFranchise Business Development System: The UnFranchise Business Development System not only provides a systematic means to conduct business, it features the standardization and uniformity necessary to facilitate duplication — the key to the business. It guarantees your success when you make others successful. You are in business for yourself, not by yourself. Distributors are equipped with the finest sales, marketing, and management tools. The National Meeting, Training and Seminar System (NMTSS) provides Independent Distributors and UnFranchise Owners with a standardized, coordinated, and comprehensive training and support system. Thousands of meetings are coordinated and publicized for every geographic location where there is distribution and organizational growth. The NMTSS is comprised of business briefings, training sessions, seminars, and conventions. Utilizing this system allows everyone access to expert speakers and trainers within Market America and provides a means to build their UnFranchise business anywhere.

(C)   The Product Brokerage System through Market America’s Mall without Walls®: Without the burden of manufacturing, the company can stay focused with established market-driven products and move with the marketplace. The Product Brokerage System through Market America’s Mall without Walls provides access to multi-market environments and promotes unique relationships between marketers, customers, and manufacturers, stimulating share of customer and avoiding shelf space competition. Market America identifies the highest quality market-driven products customers want. These products are on the leading edge of consumer trends and colossal markets emerging from information supplied by Distributors and Preferred Customers. The variety of products and services through Market America’s Mall without Walls minimizes vulnerability to swings in the marketplace, thus placing the Distributor and UnFranchise Owner in a position for short-term and long-term profitability and stability. The Mall concept allows each Distributor and UnFranchise Owner to access multiple lines of the highest quality of products and services that appeal to a wide consumer base. The Product Brokerage Concept through Market America’s Mall without Walls positions the company and you for explosive growth and unlimited potential. Market America does not incur costs such as research and development, inventory, or advertising, thus allowing more value to be put into the products. As a result, Market America will always provide products that are very unique, innovative, and competitively priced.

(D)   One-to-One Marketing: One-to-One Marketing represents the future of business that is being pioneered by Market America. This evolving concept centers on tracking customer data, identifying commonalities, and sourcing them out so customized products can be produced and delivered to waiting customers. Internet activity through our state-of-the-art UnFranchise Business Accounts, custom Web Portals, and facilitate and accelerate the customized marketing process while personal relationships are established and maintained through our Distributors and UnFranchise Owners. Market America’s Preferred Customer Program is the principle One-to-One Marketing vehicle. Market America’s strategy for its implementation revolves around three simple core principles: (1) selling more products to fewer people, which is more efficient and profitable than the time-honored mass marketing rules of pitching products to the greatest number of people; (2) concentrating on building unique relationships with customers on a one-to-one basis; and (3) establishing, sustaining, and maintaining dialog with customers, and obtaining feedback from those customers. The era of mass production and mass advertising has run its course and Market America intends to build on its Four Cornerstones to implement a One-to-One future that will revolutionize the way people purchase products as it changes the face of business, one customer at a time.

SEC. 2                Mission / Commitment

Market America’s mission centers on revolutionizing the way consumers shop for products and services as it redefines the nature and perception of the direct sales industry. In so doing, the company is committed to providing quality, market-driven products to end consumers through its unique and innovative UnFranchise® Business Development System, a system the average person can actually and realistically implement. Market America will boldly chart a new course toward a One-to-One Marketing future to become the new standard by which other businesses are measured.

SEC. 3                Organization

The following are departments at Market America’s corporate office with which Distributors may come in direct contact:

Collections: The Collections Department is responsible for ensuring that Distributors resolve any non-sufficient fund issues, and that Market America recovers any monetary losses due to bad checks or bad bank drafts, including service charges.

Compliance: The Compliance Department is responsible for approving Same Household issues, changes of I.D. numbers, name changes, transfers of sponsorship, and transfers of genealogy lines, and for researching other compliance-related issues.

Computer Support: The Computer Support Department is responsible for ensuring that all telecommunications and written communications from Distributors concerning technical computer-related problems are handled in a timely manner.

Creative Services: The Creative Services Department is responsible for creating and ensuring the printing of any corporate literature, including but not limited to the monthly Powerline magazine.

Data Processing: The Data Processing Department is responsible for processing all applications, product orders, Transfer Buying forms, Sales Tax certificates, Preferred Customer data, etc.

Distribution Center: The Distribution Center is responsible for ensuring all orders placed are filled and shipped in the most efficient, effective manner available.

Distributor Services: Distributor Services is responsible for ensuring all telecommunications and written communications concerning policy, procedure, commissions, and shipping issues are handled in a timely manner. It also forwards other inquiries to appropriate company personnel for resolution. In addition, the department keeps the Market America Management Team aware of trends (i.e. problems) in the field. Conversely the field is kept up-to-date regarding policy and procedure changes.

Field Development: The Field Development Department is responsible for referring non-Distributors who express interest in Market America products or the marketing plan to a reliable Distributor in their area who will be willing to assist them.

Mail Processing: The Mail Processing Department is responsible for opening and sorting incoming mail and ensuring that all documentation is delivered to its proper destination within the company for timely processing.

Preferred Customer: The Preferred Customer Department is responsible for ensuring that all telecommunications and written communications concerning Preferred Customers are handled in a timely manner.

Product Information: The Product Information Department is responsible for providing as much technical product support information as is practicable. The department also serves as a centralized liaison between manufacturer/vendor and Market America Distributors for effective, efficient dissemination of product information.

Refunds: The Refunds Department is responsible for processing any refund or credit that results from returned product, including refunds resulting from termination of distributorships, and for enforcing the buyback policy.


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