Chapter 9A: International Health Professional Program

This program applies only to Market America Independent UnFranchise® Owners residing in Canada. Market America Independent UnFranchise Owners residing in the United States wishing to work with Health Professionals must refer to Chapter 9 of this UnFranchise Manual. The International HP/HP1 Program offers products and services to Health Professionals seeking customized wellness and financial solutions for their practices comprised of nutrition, weight management, and much more.


Health Professionals may participate in the program as a Health Professional UnFranchise Owner (“HP”) or as a Health Professional 1 (“HP1”).

(A)    HP: HPs participate in the Market America Management Performance Compensation Plan (“MPCP”). HPs therefore must meet all the requirements imposed by the MPCP. Please see Chapter 8 for further information on MPCP. All training and activations requirements apply to HPs.

(B)    HP1: HP1 option provides Health Professionals with the opportunity to develop ancillary income from within their current practice by making retail profit and earning commission from sales of Market America products. 

        (1)    HP1 Earning Commissions: HP1s receive three BDCs. However, only BDC001 is eligible to earn commission. HP1s can earn commissions up to US$1,500 per week or US$78,000 per year on commission. BDC002 and BDC003 are used only for the placement of BV generated by HP1 sales. HP1s can only accrue BV from their own personal sales. BV generated by the organization below the HP1 does not accrue for HP1 commission purposes. The Commissions payout criteria for HP1s follows the Weekly Compensation Criteria and Management Parameters set up in section 12 (B) of Chapter 8 of the UnFranchise Manual. However, HP1s do not earn Leadership Bonus. Also, HP1s do not participate in the IBVCP.

       (2)    Minimum Activity: HP1s must have an active UFMS subscription in order to qualify as a HP1. No further activation or qualification is required in order to earn commissions.

       (3)    Sponsorship: HP1s are not allowed to sponsor UnFranchise Owners or build a sales organization. Should HP1s want to develop a sales organization and take advantage of the MPCP, HP1s must upgrade their status to HP (see Section 2 below). HP1s do not count for activation of their upline UnFranchise Owner.

       (4)    Administrative Functions and Trainings: HP1s are released from any obligation to attend trainings such as NUOT, Basic 5 and ECCT. HP1s are also released from the obligation to submit the Forms 925, 1000 and 1001. 


(A)    Upgrade to HP: HP1s can upgrade to HP status, at any time, by submitting the HP Upgrade Form duly completed. The Form is available on in downloads area. No additional subscription fees apply. HP1s upgrading to HP will count toward activation of their upline effective as of the date of the upgrade to HP. HP1s upgrading to HP must meet the Minimum Commission Requirements, as set up in Section 11 of Chapter 8 of the UnFranchise Manual in order to earn commission. 

(B)    Existing UnFranchise Owners Converting to HP1: Existing UnFranchise Owners may convert to HP1. However, in doing so the converting UnFranchise Owner will lose his/her sponsorship of his/her personally sponsored UnFranchise Owners. The sponsorship rights may be re-activated once the concerned UnFranchise Owner upgrades to HP and complete the Minimum Commission Requirements. 


(A)    The initial subscription fee for HP1 and HP UnFranchise Owners is $129.95 (Code: ENGLISH-CHPSUB, CHP1SUB, SPANISH-CHPSUBSPN, CHP1SUBSPN, CHINESE-CHPSUBCH, CHP1SUBCH). This fee includes one Web Portal subscription, in addition to all items included in the standard Market America subscription kit (Code CSUB).

(B)    HPs and HP1s must renew their subscription with Market America as per stated in section 8 of the Chapter 8 of Market America UnFranchise Manual. Failure to renew will result in disruption to his/her status in the International Health Professional Program. (This will also cause a purge, losing all accumulated Group Volume and Personal Volume.)


HP1s and HPs may be individuals or business entities. If applying as business entity specific information about the creation, ownership and control of the business must be provided to Market America. Please see the Business Entity UnFranchise Business Section of this UnFranchise Manual for further information. 


The following policies apply to HP1s and HP UnFranchise Owners:  

(A)    Both HP and HP1s must offer their health professional services in a qualified and legitimate healthcare practice with an active patient/client base.

(B)    Each HP or HP1 (or its principal, if the UnFranchise® Owner is a business entity) must have an active, valid Health Professional license or equivalent professional certification. A list of Health Professional licenses that meet this qualification is provided in Section C below. A copy of this license must be submitted to Market America within 30 days of applying to participate in the International Health Professional Program. Failure to timely submit the license results in the revocation of the right to participate in the Health Professional Program as described in this Chapter. A Health Professional who holds a license or certification other than one listed in this section, and who wishes to be qualified as a Health Professional in the International Health Professional Program, should contact Market America. In order to be considered on a case-by-case basis, the Health Professional must provide the following documents via mail or fax 336-605-0041.

       (1)    A cover letter on office stationery stating

              (a)    The nature of the practice (group, solo, hospital-based, etc.)

              (b)    Type of patients seen

              (c)    Type of services provided

              (d)    Special training, degrees, etc. 

       (2)    Copies of supporting credentials: licensure, certificates, diplomas, etc.

(C)    Acceptable licenses for Health Professionals include:  

       (1)    Aesthetician (In a medical office)

       (2)    Approved Health Professional Business Owner

       (3)    Certified Athletic Training (4 yr. degree/no personal trainers)

       (4)    Audiologist

       (5)    Speech Pathologist

       (6)    Certified Clinical Nutrition

       (7)    Clinical Psychologist

       (8)    Certified Midwife

       (9)    Certified Nutrition Specialist

       (10)    Certified Respiratory Therapists       

       (11)    Doctor of Chiropractic

       (12)    Doctor of Dental Surgery

       (13)    Doctor of Dental Medicine-General

       (14)    Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

       (15)    Doctor of Oriental Medicine

       (16)    Doctor of Podiatric Medicine       

       (17)    Doctor of Physical Medicine

       (18)    Licensed Acupuncturist

       (19)    Licensed Dietitian

       (20)    Licensed Dental Hygienist

       (21)    Licensed Massage Therapist

       (22)    Licensed Nutrition Counselor

       (23)    Licensed Practical Nurse

       (24)    Nutritionist

       (25)    Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Without Prescribing Rights

       (26)    Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with Prescribing Rights

       (27)    Nurse Practitioner

       (28)    Doctor of Optometry

       (29)    Optometrist

       (30)    Occupational Therapist

       (31)    Physician Assistant-General

       (32)    Physician Assistant-Specialty

       (33)    Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences or Psychology

       (34)    Physical Therapist

       (35)    Registered Dietitian

       (36)    Registered Dental Hygienist

       (37)    Registered Nurse-Primary care

       (38)    Registered Nurse-Specialty Care

       (39)    Registered Respiratory Therapists

The above list is for illustrative purposes. Health Professionals electing to join Market America as HPs or HP1s must ensure that the UnFranchise Business with Market America does not conflict with laws and regulations governing their profession. 


(A)    Subject to any professional ethical code and/or regulation application to them, HP1s and HP UnFranchise Owners may only sell and/or distribute Market America products to their patients, clients and immediate family members. 

(B)    Market America highly recommends that each HP1 or HP UnFranchise Owner provide a Commission Disclosure Statement to each patient to whom he/she sells a Market America product, informing the purchaser that he/she will receive a profit or commission on the sale of Market America product.  


Market America shall consider each married couple as a single UnFranchise Business. Married couples cannot have separate UnFranchise Businesses. If two current UnFranchise Owners become married or plan to become married, they must contact the Compliance Department for instructions, as marriage between UnFranchise Owners can impact a variety of policies, including the prohibition of multiple UnFranchise Businesses. If an UnFranchise Owner is married, a copy of the UnFranchise Owner’s marriage license should be submitted to the Compliance Department in order to add the UnFranchise Owner’s spouse to the UnFranchise Business.