Chapter 6: Preferred Customer Program


Market America is primed and positioned to revolutionize the direct sales industry, if not the very fabric of business and marketing, with its powerful UnFranchise® Business Development System and its implementation of One-to-One Marketing. The Preferred Customer Program has been developed and initiated by Market America as the foundational element in which to engage the One-to-One Marketing concept. The strategic direction and successful integration of the Preferred Customer Program into the UnFranchise System will pave the way for Market America and its field of UnFranchise Owners to transport 21st-century business and commerce into the next millennium.


The concept of One-to-One Marketing is based on the best-selling book by Dr. Martha Rogers and Don Peppers, The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time. One-to-One Marketing borrows from several proven marketing concepts: relationship marketing, database marketing, and customer satisfaction initiatives. Market America is perfectly equipped to implement these principles given the company’s highly successful sales and distribution force; its UnFranchise Management System, a computerized personnel and data management program utilized by its UnFranchise Owners; and Market America’s continued introduction of high-quality market-driven products.

Market America’s Preferred Customer Program, based largely on the principles set forth in The One to One Future, involves UnFranchise Owners voluntarily registering their most stable, consistent and valued customers with the company. These Preferred Customers participate in interactive programs, provide data respective of their individual wants and needs, and in return, enjoy the benefits of new product promotions and much more. In addition, the Preferred Customer Program’s customer interaction and database development provide the infrastructure for delivering customized products to customers according to their indicated wants and needs.


The very first step in creating a Preferred Customer is to establish the largest retail customer base possible. From this initial retail customer base, the UnFranchise Owner will have many of these customers repurchasing the same product(s) on a consistent and frequent basis. It is important to remember that a fundamental principle of One-to-One Marketing is to focus on increasing the share of customer (i.e., selling more products to each customer) versus increasing customer share (i.e., selling fewer products to more customers). Each interaction between the customer and the UnFranchise Owner should result in the introduction and sale of additional products, establishing rapport, and the development of an ongoing relationship. This relationship will generate increased and frequent sales to the respective customer and effect ongoing dialog regarding the quality of the products they are purchasing. At this point the UnFranchise Owner should share the potential business opportunity associated with the sale of these products. If the customer is interested in the business, schedule an appointment for a One-on-One Business Presentation. If the customer is not interested in the business, reward this valued customer by introducing and enrolling him/her in Market America’s Preferred Customer Program.

UNFRANCHISE OWNER BENEFITS: The most significant benefits of having customers enrolled in the Preferred Customer Program are: 1) Business Volume (BV) generated by the customers’ orders may be assigned either to the sponsoring UnFranchise Owner’s own personal Business Development Center(s) (including re-entry BDCs) or to the original Business Development Center(s) (not including re-entry BDCs) of the sponsoring UnFranchise Owner’s personally sponsored UnFranchise Owners who are participating in the Market America AutoShip Program; 2) active Preferred Customers will not be lost if the sponsoring UnFranchise Owner subsequently quits the business. They will be assigned to the first active Certified Executive Coordinator directly uplined to that UFO that originally signed on the Preferred Customer. 3) The company assists UnFranchise Owners with introducing new products and marketing additional products to their Preferred Customers; and 4) UnFranchise Owner Sales Reports (Form 1000’s) may be submitted online utilizing Preferred Customer purchases. 

MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE COMPENSATION PLAN POTENTIAL: The following examples help to demonstrate how successfully implementing the Preferred Customer Program throughout a sales and distribution organization will impact your management performance compensation.

       Conservative Assumption:
       •      Personally purchase and use at least 100 BV per month.
       •      Establish 10 repeat Preferred Customers each purchasing at least 40 BV per month.
       •      Equates to approximately 500 BV per month.
       •      Duplicate this with at least three UnFranchise Owners on your left and three UnFranchise
              Owners on your right.
       •      3000 BV per month is generated which equates to at least one $300 commission each

Seven UnFranchise Owners serving 70 Preferred Customers will continue to grow and multiply!


Refer to Preferred Customer Program Policies and Procedures for more information on enrolling and managing your Preferred Customers.