Chapter 2: The Right Ingredients


Every day, in newspapers, in magazines, on television, and on the internet, advertisements appear offering the business opportunity of a lifetime, a way to make your dreams come true, or a sure way to financial independence. A few of these business plans are viable and legitimate and have something to offer — if you are willing to work very hard, sell a lot of products and recruit a lot of people. Unfortunately, most of the companies running these ads offer programs that are not realistic for the average person to successfully implement. These companies have business plans that are based on what they want you to do, rather than what people can ACTUALLY do. As a result, most people do not realize their financial and/or personal goals.

Market America has successfully differentiated itself. Although the direct sales and network marketing industry is among the fastest-growing and most lucrative industries, Market America has taken it to an entirely new level. In fact, Market America has evolved from the direct sales and network marketing industry and now stands alone. Many people are making their dreams come true with a network marketing business. You may have heard about successful network marketing businesses. You may even know someone who has been successful. But, more often, you have heard about the failures: companies that are not legitimate and/or are not up to date with the latest trends and developments in technology and the internet; products that do not really sell, are overpriced, or don’t even work; and multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations, which only benefit a select few.

So how do you separate the bad from the good? What makes one better than the others? Market America has emerged as an industry leader and broken the mold. What is it that makes Market America and the UnFranchise® Business Development System so extraordinarily different?

There are five ingredients that make Market America the most powerful business opportunity available today:

  1. The Right People
  2. The Right Products
  3. The Right System
  4. The Shopping Annuity
  5. The Right Time


At the core of Market America is a management team comprised of individuals recognized as the industry’s most respected professionals, as well as entrepreneurs and leaders with diverse business backgrounds. Although the direct sales and network marketing industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry, many companies fail in their first year because they lack integrity and have short-term vision.

Market America is built on a solid foundation from which to continue to grow. Market America operates from a strategic plan with specific goals and objectives enabling the company to measure, monitor, adjust and control its progress, timing, and success. The Market America management team possesses the experience, knowledge, integrity, and work ethic to become a Fortune 500 company.

Due to the fact that one must pursue building one’s UnFranchise® Business with honest intentions by helping others to achieve their personal and financial goals (as the UnFranchise Business is based on the duplication of individual business success), Market America has attracted an incredible team of people all geared toward success. Market America’s philosophy is to enjoy a strong partnership between the company and the field organization of UnFranchise Owners.


Many direct sales and network marketing companies limit their distributors to continually trying to sell one product or product line, thus making the distributors’ success dependent on the strength of that one product. If the product does not sell, the distributor is out of business.

Market America, on the other hand, without the burden of manufacturing, can stay focused on only introducing market-driven products and continue to move with the marketplace. The product brokerage system through Market America provides access to multi-market environments and promotes unique relationships between marketers, customers, and manufacturers, stimulating share of customer and avoiding shelf space competition. Market America identifies the highest-quality market-driven products customers want. These products are on the leading edge of consumer trends and colossal markets emerging from information supplied by UnFranchise Owners and Preferred Customers. The products are tested and researched for reliability, market appeal and competitive pricing. The variety of Market America products and services minimizes vulnerability to swings in the marketplace, thus placing the UnFranchise® Owner in a position for short-term and long-term profitability and stability. Market America’s concept allows each UnFranchise Owner to access multiple lines of the highest quality of products and services that appeal to a wide consumer base. The product brokerage concept through Market America positions the company and its UnFranchise Owners for explosive growth and unlimited potential. Market America does not incur costs such as research and development, inventory, or advertising, thus allowing more value to be put into the products. As a result, Market America will always provide products that are very unique, innovative and competitively priced. The product brokerage system ensures that your business and your success do not solely rely on the sales of any one product or service. As a Market America UnFranchise Owner, you own your own SHOP.COM website and virtually own your own shopping mall, without the rent or overhead costs! Market America provides a wide array of exclusive products, creates the promotional materials, and handles all of the shipping and distribution. Through SHOP.COM, Market America UnFranchise Owners have access to thousands of Partner Stores and tens of millions of additional products. The UnFranchise Owner simply exposes the exclusive brands and their SHOP.COM website, utilizing the merchandising, tools, techniques, systems and social media, as well as word-of-mouth advertising.


Unlike other direct sales and network marketing businesses, Market America does not rely solely on one marketing strategy. Instead, Market America combines the power of many different marketing engines to drive your business, such as franchising, direct sales, market-driven products and services, home shopping, discount buying, network marketing, Internet sales/e-commerce, and One-to-One Marketing. The gas that fuels the engines is the UnFranchise® Business Development System, specifically, the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP).

Over 50 years of network marketing statistics indicate that the average individual participating in a network marketing business sponsors 2.8 distributors during his/her tenure with a company and generates $200 in retail sales in the first ninety days. With these statistics in mind, Market America created the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP). The MPCP is based on what has already been proven the average person can actually and realistically do. As a result, the Market America UnFranchise Owner has a high probability for success. With the MPCP, there are two ways to earn income: (1) earn 30 to 100 percent in retail profits by purchasing the highest quality, market-driven products at UnFranchise Cost and selling them at suggested retail prices, and (2) earn commissions by simply building and managing two sales and distribution organizations, thus developing a Business Development Center (BDC).

Market America’s vehicle for individual financial success is the UnFranchise Business Development System — a perfected, standardized, and uniform system that combines franchising with direct sales to facilitate the duplication of individual business success. Market America is referred to as the UnFranchise Business because it offers a proven business plan with systemization, standardization, and a required way of doing things. However, unlike a franchise, Market America does not charge franchise fees and ongoing monthly royalties. In addition, unlike traditional network marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses, a Market America UnFranchise Owner only needs to build and manage two sales and distribution organizations.

With Market America’s MPCP, an UnFranchise Owner can potentially earn up to $3,600 per week or $187,000 per year per Business Development Center, once it is fully developed. Upon successfully building one Business Development Center, the UnFranchise Owner earns additional Centers to build and manage. Building a second, third, fourth, etc. Business Development Center secures the income from the original Business Development Centers, making the income potential unlimited and balancing profitability and security. You do not need to be a super salesperson or recruit an enormous number of people in order to successfully build an UnFranchise Business. Remember, the UnFranchise Business has been based on what has already been proven the average person can actually and realistically do. In addition, Market America provides all of the systems and tools necessary to be most efficient and effective in the business-building efforts. One of the most advanced systems available is the UnFranchise Management System (UFMS), which is unmatched in the industry. The UFMS provides UnFranchise Owners the ability to access critical information (among other benefits) in their sales and distribution organization through the Internet, which enables UnFranchise Owners to truly maximize their earning potential as well as being able to measure, monitor, adjust and control their organizational growth.

The MPCP is simple, yet very powerful with respect to the income potential. With the combination of the MPCP and the many market-driven products, goods, and services, building your UnFranchise Business is more “showing and telling” rather than “selling.” The UnFranchise System is a matter of exposure: exposing the products and exposing the business. Possibilities are everywhere, so it is no surprise that Market America is attracting incredible people from all walks of life.

All Market America UnFranchise Owners are required to retail products to the ultimate end consumer. In order to become a UnFranchise Owner, an individual must complete and submit an Independent Distributor Application and Agreement, and if he/she wishes to participate in the MPCP, submit the nominal subscription fee. In order to sponsor other UnFranchise Owners an UnFranchise Owner must qualify by generating product orders equal to or greater than 200 Personal Business Volume (PBV) and make a minimum of $200.00 of retail sales. Note: The subscription fee is included for UnFranchise Owners who start their business with a purchase of a Fast Start Kit. To remain active within the MPCP, an UnFranchise Owner is required to order a minimum of 150 BV of product and submit an UnFranchise Owner Sales Report (Form 1000) documenting $200.00 in retail sales each quarter.

There are many components and fundamental elements that make up the UnFranchise Business Development System, one being the Business Development Center (BDC), an operational establishment (placement) set up within Market America’s computerized organization tracking system. It is the placement in which BV and IBV is stored and to which commissions and bonuses are paid. A BDC is identified with a nine-digit ID Number followed by a three-digit extension (e.g., 001, 002, 003, 008 etc.). Each BDC has two sides: a left side and a right side. A sales and distribution organization can be built on each side. New UnFranchise Owners establishing their Business Development Centers are placed in a 2 x 2 sequence, called Binomial Expansion. This encourages each UnFranchise Owner to activate their Business Development Center(s) by sponsoring and placing new UnFranchise Owners’ BDCs on the left and right sides. Each side is designed to grow by the sponsoring UnFranchise Owners; teaching, managing, and supporting each new UnFranchise Owner to activate his/her BDC. The MPCP certainly does not limit an UnFranchise Owner to only sponsor two people. UnFranchise Owners may personally sponsor as many new UnFranchise Owners and retail as many products as they wish. The additional UnFranchise Owners are simply placed within the organization in a 2 x 2 structure (i.e. placed downline in an open position under currently linked UnFranchise Owners in the 2 x 2 organizational structure). The additional UnFranchise Owners sponsored by you or others in your organizations place new UnFranchise Owners downline in open positions on the left or right of a BDC. This organizational structure creates a synergistic and common economic bond as everyone works collectively as a team. Market America’s computer tracks the Business Volume generated on each side of a BDC as part of the criteria to earning commissions and bonuses.

Commissions and bonuses are earned by a qualified and active UnFranchise Owner based on satisfying criteria within the Management Performance Compensation Plan. The criteria to earn commissions are the same for each Business Development Center.

Once again, the UnFranchise Business Development System was designed based on what has already been proven the average person can actually and realistically achieve. It mathematically requires fewer UnFranchise Owners producing less volume for any one UnFranchise Owner to earn the maximum income when compared to other direct sales and network marketing businesses.

Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP): There are two ways to earn income: (1) earn 30 to 100 percent in retail profits by purchasing the highest quality, market-driven products at UnFranchise Cost and selling them at suggested retail prices, and (2) earn commissions by simply building and managing two sales and distribution organizations.

  1. MPCP: Five Simple Steps to Earning Retail Profits, Commissions, and Bonuses

    1. Apply: Complete a Market America Independent UnFranchise Owner Application and Agreement. At no cost, you can become a Sales Representative to purchase products at UnFranchise Cost and earn gross retail profits. By submitting a subscription fee, you can become an UnFranchise Owner and earn gross retail profits in addition to earning commissions from the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP).

    2. Create: You create Business Volume (BV) and Internet Business Volume (IBV). BV and IBV is the numeric (unit) value assigned to the products, goods, and services to calculate commissions. Business Volume or Internet Business Volume is created when you place an order for Market America’s exclusive brands and services or from Partner Stores on SHOP.COM for personal use, retail sales, merchandising tools, orders taken, orders placed on your SHOP.COM website, Preferred Customers, and One-to-One Marketing building Share of Customer*.

    3. Qualify: You qualify your Business Development Center (BDC) after it has accumulated 200 Personal Business Volume (PBV) in products ordered and sold through that BDC. Once your BDC is qualified, it will begin to accrue Group Business Volume (GBV) from orders placed by UnFranchise Owners, Sales Representatives, and Preferred Customers within your two sales and distribution organizations. Qualification of your Business Development Center only needs to be performed once, provided the minimum activity requirements are satisfied.

    4. Activate: You activate your Business Development Center by personally sponsoring one qualified UnFranchise Owner placed in your left organization, and personally sponsoring one qualified UnFranchise Owner placed in your right organization. Once activated, you are now eligible to earn commissions and bonuses within the Management Performance Compensation Plan.

    5. Teach, Manage & Help: You teach each new UnFranchise Owner how to APPLY, CREATE, QUALIFY and ACTIVATE. It is important to teach, manage and help your sales organization grow by duplicating the UnFranchise® Business Development System. In so doing, you are expanding distribution as new UnFranchise Businesses are established and thus further leverage your time.

      *Build Share of Customer: You build Share of Customer (increase the lifetime value represented by a single customer) by introducing additional Market America brands to your existing customers, and by leveraging the millions of products available through SHOP.COM affiliate stores. By building relationships with customers one on one, maintaining dialog with customers, and receiving feedback from those customers, as well as tracking buying trends on SHOP.COM, Market America will continue to identify market-driven products and services and provide exactly what customers want and need (One-to-One Marketing).

  2. Market America Pays Weekly: Each week, Market America’s computer searches all Business Development Centers in your left sales organization and searches all Business Development Centers in your right sales organization for Group Business Volume (GBV) and Group Internet Business Volume (GIBV). As your Group Business Volume and Group Internet Business Volume accrues and reaches the payout criteria, commissions and bonuses are earned.

    When a Business Development Center accrues 1,200 Group Business Volume on each side, you earn a $300.00 commission. Group Business Volume continues to accrue on each side and when it reaches 2,400 Group Business Volume on each side (inclusive of the first 1,200 GBV), you earn another $300.00 commission. As Group Business Volume continues to accrue to 3,600 Group Business Volume on each side, you earn another $300 commission. When 5,000 GBV has been accrued on each side, you earn a $600.00 commission. The entire $1,500.00 in commissions can be earned in one week depending on the accrued Group Business Volume totals for the given week. The same payout criterion applies to accrued Group Internet Business Volume (GIBV) providing an additional $1,500.00 in commission.

    When an UnFranchise Owner earns a $600.00 commission for reaching the 5,000 Group Business Volume criteria on their left and right, the computer continues to search for one Business Development Center on each side (Left and Right) that also reach 5,000 Group Business Volume on their left and right sides during the same weekly pay cycle. If the computer verifies these criteria have been met, you earn a $600.00 management bonus. The potential weekly income from one Business Development Center can reach $3,600. Take note: Group Business Volume and Group Internet Business Volume accrue from an infinite search of Business Development Centers within your sales and distribution organization. There are no breakaways to stop the search for new UnFranchise Owners and volume.

  3. Leverage: Market America’s UnFranchise Business Development System establishes three Business Development Centers for each UnFranchise Owner right from the start. Here’s how it works:

    UnFranchise Owners do not have to wait to open additional BDCs. Each UnFranchise Owner is awarded three BDCs upon registering their UnFranchise Businesses: the 001, 002, and 003. Build only two sales organizations to earn your first $2,100.00 per week from accrued BV on the Left and Right. When you successfully build your 001 and have earned a minimum of $13,500.00 in commissions within 12 consecutive weeks, you are eligible to open your inside organizations of your 002 and 003. Build only one more sales organization to earn your second $2,100.00 per week. Build only one more sales organization to earn your third $2,100.00 per week, for a total of $6,300.00 per week from those three BDCs. The weekly income potential can grow to $10,800.00 when IBV commissions are included.

    The maximum earning potential for one Business Development Center is $3,600.00 per week; however, Market America’s UnFranchise® Business Development System offers unlimited income potential through an earned RE-ENTRY authorization and the Global UnFranchise Business Program. Here’s how it works:

    You earn the authorization to open an additional BDC the first time one of your BDCs receives a commission for achieving the 5,000/5,000 compensation criteria. You may open this BDC within your two sales organizations and build another business under your original business. Re-entry allows you to increase your income potential by $3,600.00 per week, secure your original BDC’s income, and motivate your UnFranchise Owner organization without any additional ongoing requirements.

    The remarkable thing about the re-entry process is that all the Group Business Volume generated in the left and right sales organizations of your second, third, fourth, or more BDCs accrues towards earning additional income from those centers. In addition, the volumes flow upward and secures the income in your first BDC. And probably most importantly, the Group Business Volume being generated from these sales organizations is accrued by qualified BDCs of the UnFranchise Owners between your original BDCs and your re-entered BDC. This creates powerful synergy and a common economic interest within your organization.

    All Business Development Centers owned by an UnFranchise Owner are identified by an extension number assigned sequentially for tracking purposes (e.g. 001, 002, 003, 004, etc.). All Business Development Centers are subject to the same rules, regulations, terms, and conditions within the Management Performance Compensation Plan.

  4. Direct Sales and Commissions: Everyone participating in Market America’s Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP) must sell and document the retail sale of products to end consumers (non-participants of the Market America business) to maintain activity and qualify to earn commissions and bonuses (refer to minimum activity requirements). No commissions are earned solely for bringing new Sales Representatives and UnFranchise Owners into the business. Commissions and bonuses are earned on the retail sales of products to end consumers and based on the management of your sales and distribution organization.


As an UnFranchise Owner you can use your current spending to create an ongoing income called the Shopping Annuity®. We all spend to live. We buy food, clothes, cleaning supplies, household goods, appliances, footwear, drug-store items, personal care items, shampoo, pet products, tools etc. You don’t have to change what you buy; simply change how you shop. By redirecting money you are already spending to your own SHOP.COM website, you create and fund your Shopping Annuity.

SHOP.COM has thousands of Partner Stores, including many, if not most, of your favorite online stores. After you shop, we take the money you already spent, and credit you with BV and IBV (which is, in a sense, a form of social currency). We then use your accrued BV and IBV to pay you an income.

By duplicating your efforts and sharing the ingenious Shopping Annuity concept with others you can create your own network of UnFranchise Owners. As this economically connected network of households (that you lead to directly or indirectly) convert their spending into earning you fund your Shopping Annuity by getting credit for all of your spending and their spending.

You can continue to spend money and make profits for the companies you purchase from and earn nothing. Or, with a small shift in behavior and a little ambition, follow the UnFranchise Business system and convert your spending into earning with your own SHOP.COM business and create an ongoing income.

You are in the right place, at the right time, with the right business model: SHOP.COM powered by Market America. Individuals across the globe have followed our proven business system to create the additional income necessary to do extraordinary things with their life, whether it’s owning that first home, traveling the world, or just creating more free time to enjoy with the family.

With our global community of entrepreneurs, we’re combining our economic buying power and using our sophisticated tracking system to make money. We provide standardized training and support for every one of our business owners. We will educate and empower you to become as successful as you want to be.

Welcome to an opportunity like no other. Welcome to SHOP.COM powered by Market America!


There has never been a better time than NOW to establish your UnFranchise® business. Many people have preconceived notions and skepticism with respect to direct sales and network marketing businesses. As previously stated, unfortunately, many companies are not legitimate businesses and only have short-term vision as only a few people succeed only at the expense of others. Many people are under the misconception that network marketing is a glorified chain letter or illegal pyramid scheme solely targeted to housewives and blue-collar workers. Times have changed. While there are some cynics who continually scoff, a handful of visionaries have quietly set the stage for an economic revolution. With manufacturing costs continuing to fall, distribution (bringing products, goods and services to the end consumer) represents 85 percent of the volume of goods at retail prices. Therefore, the greatest opportunities await those who reduce the cost of distribution. Market America | SHOP.COM is the solution! Simply put, Market America | SHOP.COM creates a very powerful, cost-effective way for the distribution of products, goods and services. The time is fast approaching when anything anybody wants, and needs will be able to be obtained through an UnFranchise Business.

To illustrate that you are at the right place at the right time, one should consider what has occurred over the past hundred years or so. Approximately every ten years, a new marketing system/trend emerges, providing a new way of distributing products to end consumers. The people who became associated in the beginning of the new marketing system/trend made fortunes as they positioned themselves to capitalize on the volumes of products that are sold to the end consumers (distribution). In the 1920s and 1930s direct sales emerged and companies such as Avon, Fuller Brush, and Tupperware were born. In the 1950s, franchising was born with the creation of McDonalds. In the late 1950s and into the 1960s, multi-level marketing (MLM) started a new way of bringing products to the end consumer. Then in the 1970s it was catalog sales. The 1980s saw the introduction of TV/direct response with the shopping network and infomercials. In the 1990s, Market America created the Product Brokerage System through Market America’s Mall Without Walls® and the UnFranchise Business Development System, a new way of identifying products, goods, and services and getting them to the end consumers (a new distribution system). And in the 2000s, with the emergence and growth of the internet, we have witnessed an unprecedented shift from brick and mortar stores to online stores. Market America | SHOP.COM, with cutting-edge technology, thousands of Partner Stores, millions of products and our unique tracking system, has risen to the top of the online sales world. By becoming associated with Market America | SHOP.COM and establishing an UnFranchise Business, you have positioned yourself to lead the parade, rather than following at the tail end of all the parades that have passed. You can now capitalize on volumes of products that are being sold to end consumers by simply building and managing two sales and distribution organizations of UnFranchise Owners. We are experiencing a paradigm shift away from mass production; we are shifting from the industrial age to the information age. Market America now represents the future of business. We have evolved the concept of One-to-One Marketing, which centers on tracking customer data, identifying commonalities and sourcing them out so customized products can be produced and delivered to waiting customers. Market America has made One-to-One Marketing a reality. Internet activity through our state-of-the-art online UnFranchise Business accounts, custom websites, and SHOP.COM facilitate and accelerate the customization process while personal relationships are established and maintained through our UnFranchise Owners. The era of mass production and mass advertising has run its course.

Market America intends to build on its five key pillars for growth: (1) The Binomial Business Development System with the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP); (2) The UnFranchise Business Development System; (3) The Product Brokerage System (4) One-to-One Marketing, and (5) The Shopping Annuity, a revolutionary concept that enables UnFranchise Owners to convert their spending into earning.

Many companies spend millions of dollars for advertising and pay large fees to have their products prominently displayed amid all other products on store shelves. Relatively new manufacturers with innovative, superior products lack the resources to compete with major (name-brand) manufacturers’ products in existing retail outlets, nor do they have the capital to pay for national advertising campaigns or build retail outlets of their own. Simply put, these companies need a distribution channel.

An ever-increasing number of these companies are turning to Market America and the UnFranchise Business Development System as an alternative, cost-effective, yet very powerful method of distribution and market expansion. Meanwhile, ongoing mergers, acquisitions, and corporate down-sizing continue to provide Market America with many executives, middle management, workers, etc. who are looking for a better way to achieve financial independence and security. Let’s face it, many people would like to enhance their quality of life and increase their standard of living. Market America is the solution! The right time is NOW!