Part 1: The UnFranchise Business Development System


Welcome to Market America! A cherished dream of most individuals is financial independence and the freedom and time to shape and determine one’s destiny. In pursuit of such a dream, you are usually presented with only two viable alternatives. The first is the 45-Year Plan, defined by full-time employment through a business or other enterprise in which your time is traded for money in a 45-year cycle of dependence and presumed security until retirement. Your initiative, creativity and hard work are channeled into making a business successful and the owners wealthy. Your reward is a marginal paycheck that cannot measure your true worth, an appalling lack of recognition, limited growth potential and the insecurity that comes from a reliance on the whims of a competitive marketplace and the narrow perceptions of bosses who measure your value only in terms of productivity. The second choice is self-employment, a situation where you rely on your own wits and guile through an entrepreneurial effort or franchise business. This endeavor requires nearly all of your time, all of your savings, the benevolence of a bank loan officer and more than a little bit of luck when you consider that 95 percent of new businesses fail in their first year. The potential rewards are great, but then again, so are the start-up costs and overall risks.

Regardless of which alternative you choose, the numbers are seldom on your side. After working their whole life, only five percent of the working population will be financially successful upon retirement, while 95 percent will still be working, dead or practically broke! Incredibly, few people ever stop and take the time to ask “Why?” In reality, 95 percent of those people spend 45 years of their lives making the other 5 percent financially independent. They wind up working a plan for someone else’s financial success, rather than their own financial success. The facts are that most people are living from paycheck to paycheck and are worried about job security and the integrity of their retirement plans in a volatile ever-changing economy. Many of us have enormous financial responsibilities and lack the capacity to save for the future. Regrettably, by the time most people wake up and realize that their dreams will never be realized through their jobs, it is already too late. Treading headlong into a deepening 45-Year Plan rut, they have no choice but to work longer hours or multiple jobs as the realization hits them that they have, indeed, run out of time.

How can you gain or utilize more efficiently the time that you need? Can you get the numbers back on your side? How can you make time work for you? Most people don’t want to be part of that 95 percent that don’t make it, or at best, retire with only a third or half of their salary as a pension. They couldn’t live on full pay, so how are they going to live on half pay? Let’s quickly examine some options or alternatives to this bleak scenario. Second jobs are only a temporary solution, consuming precious time and energy you cannot spare. What about going back to school to better yourself and climb the corporate ladder? Admirable, but you would be first on the downsizing list. Should you consider Multi-Level Marketing? Good concept, but how realistic is it? And it is often overexposed. Stocks, investments, franchises and consulting businesses involve risk and expenditure of capital, which realistically has to measure against car payments, mortgages and your children’s welfare. There are some people who truly are successful because they love what they do and are fulfilled by making their own contribution to society. But, are they being paid what they are worth? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the job they love could become an avocation rather than an occupation because they had a plan for their own financial success on the side that could help them become financially independent?

Does such a plan for financial success exist? Is there a realistic, proven and viable alternative to the 45-Year Plan? Absolutely! Welcome to Market America, a company you can believe in, because it can help you realize the power of your dreams. Founded in 1992, Market America is a product brokerage and Internet marketing company and the nation’s preeminent advocate and implementer of One-to-One Marketing. As a product brokerage company, Market America identifies market-driven products or new product breakthroughs, sources them out to exclusive manufacturers, and features them in Market America’s Mall Without Walls® virtual product showcase. Customers receive personal One-to-One Marketing sales and service attention from Market America’s Independent UnFranchise Owners, who help the company facilitate One-to-One Marketing by obtaining survey data from their best customers through their custom website. This customer preference data is then sourced out to manufacturers who create market-driven products. Eventually, Market America will supply its customers with virtually anything they want and need!

Market America’s vehicle for individual financial success is the UnFranchise Business Development System — a perfected, standardized and uniform system that combines franchising with direct sales to facilitate the duplication of individual business success. By following a two- to three-year blueprint for success through the UnFranchise Business Development System, you can formulate, grow and shape your own plan for financial success. If you follow the system — just as you would in a franchise — the chances for success dramatically increase. The only way to fail is to quit! An UnFranchise Business resembles a franchise, but the exorbitant start-up costs, high overhead and franchisor royalty of your monthly sales have been eliminated. Just as in a franchise, a proven business plan with systemization, standardization, uniformity, state-of-the-art management systems, merchandizing and marketing tools, growing visibility, and the opportunity to own multiple businesses is presented to you, increasing the probability of individual success. Keep in mind that out of the five percent of people that financially succeed, three out of four do so by owning their own business. Market America grants you this same opportunity without the insecurity of giving up your present job. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

You can earn income two ways. You can earn 30 to 100 percent in gross retail profits by merchandising high-quality products that you get at UnFranchise Cost and sell them at the suggested retail price. You can also leverage your time by building and managing two sales and distribution organizations and earn $300 to $3,600 per week or more when your UnFranchise Business is fully developed. You can realize a significant secondary income in only a few months. With hard work, dedication and commitment to your UnFranchise Business, you can develop a business that can earn you $187,000 per year! There are no limitations on the number of UnFranchise Businesses you can own and manage. There is virtually no cap on potential earnings. Market America rewards you for your business success, never penalizing you for your initiative or ambition. If you follow Market America’s blueprint for success, apply a concentrated, consistent effort over a two- to three-year period, you can surpass your current job income and finally experience what the financially successful 5 percent of the population enjoy — financial security, ongoing income, time freedom and peace of mind.

Congratulations for establishing your Market America UnFranchise Business! In doing so, you have chosen the Two- to Three-Year Plan for your own financial success over the 45-Year Plan, a plan for someone else’s financial success. You are now on your way to reaching your financial goals and fulfilling your dreams and purpose. During the process of building your business, it is important to keep everything in proper perspective, as this is a Two- to Three-Year Plan, not two to three months. Always remember to keep the business fun as you grow and develop. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your success. The UnFranchise Business is built most efficiently and effectively working consistently, one day at a time. You must succeed so other people can realize their dreams. Therefore, you must lead by example as your people will do what you do, not what you say to do.

The decision to open and build a Market America UnFranchise Business can be one of the most empowering and rewarding endeavors you’ll ever undertake. As with a traditional franchise, the key to success will be your ability to effectively implement a tested and proven business plan. This business consists of standardized, coordinated, and systematic actions. These actions, completed in a timely manner, can result in fundamentally sound and consistent growth within your sales and distribution organizations.

Success is a journey, not a destination. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and building your UnFranchise Business will proceed in the same manner. You have taken the first step by choosing the Two- to Three-Year Plan. However, the Two- to Three-Year Plan does not start when you sign up; rather, it begins when you start implementing the Basic 5 fundamentals of the business and are utilizing all of the components that make up the entire UnFranchise Business Development System. At a minimum, you should plan on a twelve-month commitment to build the foundation for your UnFranchise Business. The twelve-month action plan can be referenced in the Getting Started Guide (Code 391).

The Getting Started Guide has been prepared to provide you with the basic and fundamental tasks and activities necessary to develop a successful UnFranchise Business. It was created by combining information obtained from our most successful Independent UnFranchise Owners who implemented Market America’s proven systems, principles, and fundamentals. Of course, a guide alone cannot inform you and teach how to implement all the details concerning your business. You should refer to the Market America UnFranchise Manual and/or ask your sponsor and/or your managing Certified Executive Coordinator to clarify any points and answer any questions you may have.

Now that you have established your UnFranchise Business, the question most people have is “Exactly what does it take to succeed?” If that is the question on your mind, you have the right thinking and the right attitude. Admittedly, when you begin to build your UnFranchise Business, all of the terms, definitions and principles associated with it can seem a bit overwhelming. However, the business is very simple; don’t make it difficult. It all comes down to mastering the Basic 5 fundamentals, striving to become an official UnFranchise Owner (UFO) and teaching others to do the same thing. We simply strive to master the Basic 5 until they are habitual, and nearly second nature. All five need to be going at once to be successful. Think about it: in any field of endeavor, there are fundamentals which determine how successful one becomes. In football, a team must master the fundamentals of blocking and tackling. In basketball, there are the fundamentals of dribbling, shooting, rebounding, and passing. In music, one must master playing the scales. There are countless examples in sports, the arts, science, or business in which the fundamentals must be mastered to be successful. In our business, there are five fundamentals, which are prerequisites for success. The commonality of all the successful UnFranchise Owners is that they “did” the Basic 5:

  1. Developing Attitude & Knowledge

  2. Goals and Goal Statement

  3. Retailing

  4. Prospecting/Recruiting/Sponsoring

  5. Follow Up and the ABC Pattern of Building Depth

Ultimately, you are either doing these things or you are not. By knowing what to do, you can measure, monitor, adjust, and control your progress. Purchasing the Basic 5 Audio Set (Code ADL2500, ADL2501, ADL2502, ADL2503, ADL2504) is highly recommended. It would also be helpful to read the Basic 5 section of the Market America UnFranchise Manual. You see, Market America’s UnFranchise® Business Development System is unique and very powerful. The most important tool with which to familiarize yourself is the Market America UnFranchise Manual you received in your subscription kit. It can also be referenced online through your UnFranchise Business Account. This UnFranchise Manual is your “blueprint for success” — your directions on how to build this business. All of the policies, procedures, rules, regulations, general product information, how to set up a meeting, how to develop your goal statement and detailed plan, etc., can be referenced in the UnFranchise Manual. It is not necessary to memorize the contents of the manual, but it is critical to know how to reference it when situations arise and you need the answers. It is recommended that you spend about 15 minutes per day reading it section by section. If you have any questions and need clarification on certain points, please contact your sponsor or managing Certified Executive Coordinator.

This business is measured by the QUALITY of time spent building the business, not the QUANTITY of time. Quality time is measured by how efficient and effective you are in implementing the Basic 5, and by only working with those people who are also striving to master the Basic 5. We call these people “Go Now.” The more quality time spent, the more belief and duplication are created. This will generate growth which will duplicate, resulting in more BV and IBV and ultimately translating into more frequent and bigger commissions.

Let’s briefly highlight each one of the five fundamentals.

  1. Developing Attitude and Knowledge — Knowledge is power; you must obtain it, and then use it. One must keep things in proper perspective. How else are you going to earn a significant income and achieve your dreams? With Market America’s UnFranchise® Business Development System, we eliminate the risks and large investment normally associated with other opportunities and business vehicles. However, you must treat it like a million-dollar business. The UnFranchise System has a true systemized, standardized, and required way of doing things, just like a franchise. As a result, we are able to eliminate confusion and create duplication — the key to the business. There are many components and principles that make up the system which were all designed to work synergistically together. Therefore, the more systems and tools that are utilized, the more growth will be created.

    Developing the right attitude and knowledge translates into belief and confidence. Your attitude precedes success. Remember: the positive and enthusiastic way you view this business will determine how successfully you and the people you associate with in this business will perform. You can develop the right attitude and obtain the essential knowledge by attending the scheduled meetings, trainings, and seminars, listening to audios, reading the UnFranchise Manual, and associating with positive successful people.

  2. Goals and Goal Statement — You must first determine your dream and purpose. What is the ultimate reason why you are doing this business? Once your purpose is defined, then you can begin to develop a goal statement. Everyone has different dreams, goals, wants, and needs. The idea is to translate the things that you want into the business. As a result, you can truly take ownership of the fact that Market America is the business vehicle that will take you to where you want to go and achieve what you desire.

    There are five steps in developing a goal statement:

    • Decide what you want

    • Determine when you want it (target date)

    • Decide what you will give up or overcome

    • Develop a detailed plan of what you must do each day, each week, and each month to get there

    • Write it out and read it twice per day

  3. Retailing — The products that are found in Market America’s Mall Without Walls® are market-driven, meaning they are in high demand. It is simply a matter of exposing them by using the merchandising tools and techniques. People love to buy but they hate to be sold on something.  We provide people what they want. Developing a customer base enables you to establish a solid foundation for your UnFranchise Business. In some cases your best customers will become your best UnFranchise Owners (retail to recruit). Retailing enables you to create a positive cash flow, create BV, and build belief.

  4. Prospecting/Recruiting/Sponsoring — The only thing that stands between you and the income you desire is simply the right people. To be successful, it just takes two good people, but that doesn’t mean you sponsor two and stop. This Prospecting/Recruiting/Sponsoring component is a process, not an event. The key to this process is to cultivate possibilities. Possibilities are everywhere you go! In order to be most effective in cultivating possibilities during your daily and weekly routine you need to be prepared with your answer to “What is it?” Keep in mind that people can only talk about three things:

    • What’s happening

    • How rotten things are

    • How they wish things were

    As you cultivate your possibilities into prospects, some will become interested, curious, or respond positively. It is these people who create the top 10 list. Be sure to write them down. Then determine the best approach to use (direct, product, audio/video, evaluation or referral). Our objective is to have them evaluate the business, not to get them in, because they may lead you to the right people. By prospecting/recruiting/sponsoring you expand distribution, further leverage your time, as well as increase your business profitability and stability. You never stop doing it.

  5.  Follow-Up and the ABC Pattern of Building Depth — This element of the Basic 5 will give you complete control of your success, growth, progress and timing. It takes the chance out of the process. If the person chooses the Two- to Three-Year Plan over the 45-Year Plan, then at the end of any meeting there is no decision to make. The individual simply decides whether or not to give it a trial run. Never Show the Plan, hold a meeting, or bring someone to a meeting without booking a follow-up. The objective to any meeting is to book the follow-up, provide more information, start the person on our products, and sell a ticket to the upcoming GMTSS event.

    We want them to introduce the business to some prospects and create customers with your guidance and coaching. This trial run process allows you to determine if they are coachable and right for the business and if the business is right for them. Therefore, you don’t waste your time with the wrong people. Remember, you cannot sell a ticket you don’t have. It is critical to purchase extra tickets to the monthly event for the people you plan to sponsor. Let them lead you to the people. They will accidentally get interested when they lead you to someone. You can then ask “Who is going to sponsor them, you or me?”


The contents of this UnFranchise Manual are of utmost importance. Virtually everything you need to know with respect to building a successful UnFranchise Business is outlined in this manual. However, the greatest teacher is experience. Take your first step toward real financial security and time freedom, and get started! Simply strive to master the Basic 5 and have fun!