Chapter 7: Market America Mall Without Walls


Market America’s Mall without Walls is the hub of our Internet product brokerage system. Easily accessible through your own Web Portal, the Internet Mall is made up of “virtual stores,” and offers a wide variety of high-quality, market-driven products and services. You will find Market America products specifically grouped into individual stores, and by utilizing the power of the Internet, the shopping experience is extended into a seemingly endless array of products – all accessible via your own Web Portal. 

By utilizing the benefits of One-to-One Marketing, where personal relationships are built and information is gathered and analyzed, Market America sources and delivers products most desired in the marketplace. Each product and service is developed in conjunction with innovative manufacturers and is carefully screened for reliability, value and market appeal. Where does Market America obtain this information? From YOU the Distributor and all the UnFranchise® Owners who build relationships with their customers. We deliver what people want.

Market America goes further to provide support that ensures the success of all Distributors. Once we choose to provide various products and services, we make available to all Distributors complete information, training and promotional materials, and we handle the shipping and distribution. This philosophy frees Distributors to concentrate on the development of their UnFranchise businesses and the ongoing servicing of customers. This unique way of doing business is what makes Market America stand out from the crowd. It is the basis of One-to-One Marketing which gives us the ability to provide customized products that stock our virtual stores. For more detailed information on Market America’s virtual stores and individual products, simply log on to your UnFranchise Business Account.

SEC. 1                Selling Market America Products

To sell a product, you need to be able to present your product properly to your customers. In order to effectively inform, educate and "tell the story" of a product, which ultimately leads to sales and the development of Preferred Customers, you need to understand the features, advantages and benefits of each of the products you have chosen to specialize in.

BECOMING A PRODUCT OF THE PRODUCT: One of the most important things you can do as a Distributor is to buy and use the products yourself. There’s no faster way to become familiar with Market America’s products and their benefits and value than using them yourself. Also, in most cases your prospective customers will ask you if you use the product, and if you do not, it’s likely they won’t either. An additional benefit is that you will see and can give testimony to the quality of our products, making it much easier to sell them to others.

DISCUSSING PRODUCT BENEFITS: You will be most successful selling products if you can clearly explain to a sales prospect what the specific benefits are of the product you are selling. Try to think like the customers and answer their questions before they ask them. What are the specific benefits of the product? How does it help them? What problems does it solve for them? Why do they need the product? How will it improve their quality of life? If there isn’t sufficient benefit to the people to whom you are "telling the story," there is no reason for them to part with their hard-earned dollars in exchange for the product. If you establish a real benefit, your customer will happily purchase the product.

POINTING OUT COMPARATIVE FEATURES: A point-by-point comparison can be a fantastic sales tool. It’s important for your customers to know that they are making a wise buying decision, and many times that comfort level can be achieved by simple comparisons that answer certain questions. What are the special features of the product? Why is it better than other products offered by competitors? How is the product different, exclusive, and unique? What are the added advantages of purchasing this product over a similar name brand? You need to learn, and then explain to your prospect, the comparative benefits about each product you are selling.

JUSTIFYING A PRODUCT’S PRICE: It has been said, “A sale is made when the product’s perceived value exceeds its cost.” Nothing could be more true, and it’s up to you to properly demonstrate the value of a product so that the value, in the customer’s eyes, exceeds its cost. Answer one simple question for the prospect: “Why is the product worth the money?” Compare the price to a comparable product. Justify the price, so that it doesn’t come up as an objection. If the price is higher than another product with which the prospect is familiar, be prepared to explain why he/she is getting a better value. Examples of this are: added volume or quantity, higher concentration, superior quality, or ease of use. For instance, if selling Health and Nutrition items, ask your prospects how much their health is worth. A dollar? Ten? Fifty? One hundred? Remind them that you can’t put a price tag on optimal health. Another successful method is to break the price down to how little it will cost them per month, per week, or per day. Compare the price per day or week to something else they might frivolously spend money on, like a cup of coffee or junk food. Ask them if they think it is worth it. Please note: Always be aware of the old saying, “Compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges.” This will also help you in your discussion of price justification.

In addition, you should accumulate as much information and knowledge as you will need to prepare yourself, as well as to add sizzle and punch to your sales. Think of the best salespeople you have ever worked with. They were probably well dressed, polite and sincere. Even more important was how much KNOWLEDGE they had. It makes people feel uncomfortable to deal with a salesperson who does not have the answers to their questions, so always know as much as you can about the products you sell. Buy, read and UNDERSTAND the vast amount of sales support materials and other literature that Market America makes available. Remember – sales prospects are people, just like you. Take steps to make them feel comfortable, and your sales will increase.

ANSWERING PRODUCT QUESTIONS AND OBJECTIONS: It’s important to learn what the most commonly asked questions are about each product. Ask your upline and other Distributors which questions they see come up time and time again. Also develop questions yourself that you think others would ask you, and then prepare answers for all of these questions. When you get a question or an objection from a customer for which you have no adequate answer, it’s better to tell your prospect that the question or objection is a good one and that you would like to find the answer for him/her. Call your upline or the Product Information Department at Market America to get the answer. Remember — being prepared is the key to answering objections. Apply those techniques with the answers you have prepared, and you will effectively be able to turn any question and/or objection into a sale.

COLLECTING TESTIMONIALS: Collect testimonials from your customers whenever you can. Get copies from other Distributors as well. Doing so helps you learn what product benefits are the ones most important to your customers. Ask your best customers to write you a brief testimonial or product endorsement. Create a loose-leaf booklet of testimonials and endorsements on the product, and carry it with you when you go on sales calls. It’s also a good idea to share a copy with Market America so that we may possibly publish the testimonial in our publications and sales support materials to help inspire others. Testimonials add tremendous credibility to your sales business and to the products you choose to sell, and they go a long way toward persuading a prospective customer to experience the product.

ASKING FOR THE SALE (CLOSING): Sometimes the most important thing one can do to “close” or complete a sale is simply to ask. Many sales are missed because a salesperson does not ask a prospect for a sale when the time is right. Once you have explained the product benefits and features and have countered any objections and answered any questions, it’s time for you to close the sale. There are many ways to ask. One method is to simply ask how many items they would like to order. Assume they will buy! Another is to explain the payment options one has, and then ask the prospect which he/she prefers. Whichever you feel most comfortable with is the one you should use — just remember to always ask for the sale!

ATTENDING SALES TRAINING AND ONGOING PRODUCT EDUCATION: Since its beginning, Market America has provided one of the most extensive and complete sales training systems available in the direct sales industry. From regional sales trainings to Product Symposiums, the annual International Convention, and World Conference events, Market America puts in your hands the information you need to succeed and then shows you how to best use that information to grow your UnFranchise® Business.

The NMTSS (National Meeting, Training and Seminar System): Designed with the UnFranchise Owner in mind, the NMTSS allows you to build your business anywhere in the country by using Market America's extensive network of One-to-Ones, UnFranchise Business Presentations, Basic 5 Trainings, Executive Coordinator Certification Trainings (ECCTs), New Distributor Trainings (NDTs), Local Seminars, District Conferences, Regional Conventions, and our main events, the annual International Convention and World Conference.

International Convention: Usually held in mid-summer in Greensboro, NC, the annual International Convention is Market America's flagship event. It’s a powerhouse event of knowledge, excitement, new product introductions, new policy updates, and recognition wrapped up in a four-day light, sound and training extravaganza. The event wraps up with the annual Trade Show featuring representative experts in each of the product categories. You will not want to miss this event each year. Tickets sell out quickly, so always buy your and your friends’ tickets early.

World Conference: The annual World Conference is Market America's second-largest event, second only to the International Convention. Usually held in February in Miami, Florida, it helps announce the latest and greatest products we are offering, along with extensive and intensive sales training. It’s another event you should not miss.

Product Symposium: From the basics to the latest product introductions, Market America’s Product Symposium is one of the best tools to learn about our more popular products. Featuring industry experts and special guests, the event shows participants the latest in technology and the best way to sell our latest products. Seats go fast for these, so buy your tickets early. The Product Symposium generally coincides with the International Convention.

Powerline Magazine: Reading Powerline, Market America’s monthly magazine for Distributors and UnFranchise Owners, is crucial to keep you informed of new business developments and new products. Many areas are covered each month, including new product announcements. Make sure to read it cover to cover.

Sales Support Materials: There’s no better way to learn about a product than by reading our sales support literature. Available for virtually every product we sell, these beautiful brochures and sales systems will make you an expert and give your customers more to read about. Make sure to always have plenty of catalogs and brochures on hand, and give them to anyone you think can benefit from our wide range of market-driven products. Check the price list for current codes and prices, and also see the areas below each store for the available materials in that store.


Major Stores: Stores within Market America include the following:

The Health and Nutrition Store features our own Isotonix® brand vitamin and mineral supplements including antioxidants, multivitamins and mineral blends, as well as weight management formulas, heart health supplements and bone and joint support formulas and even more – all to help support a healthy life. 

The Anti-Aging Store includes advanced nutraceuticals backed by the scientific research of anti-aging experts all designed to stave off the effects of aging. 

The Cosmetics Store features our own high-quality Motives® by Loren Ridinger brand of cosmetics and accessories that rival any department store brand. 

The Personal Care Store offers scientifically advanced products for skin care, hair care, and bath and body needs, from creams that reduce the appearance of wrinkles to moisturizers that nourish and repair dry, damaged skin to high quality shampoos and conditioners. Each product is specifically formulated to deliver the results you need.  

The Home and Garden Store offers a complete line of products for your home, yard and environment. Home, kitchen and laundry products help make keeping your home clean a little easier, while the lawn-and-garden and pool-and-spa products give you the yard of your dreams.

The Home Care Store features products that use advanced scientific technology to improve life in the home. The featured water filtration system is one of the main systems you need in your home to provide good tasting, clean filtered water. 

The Internet Store provides an easy and affordable way for small business to own and operate a custom-built website by providing a step by step process to create it, a support team to help maintain it, and tools that help manage the business. 

The Communications Store provides products and services that make staying in touch with friends and family cost-effective, safe, and easy. From radiation shields for cell phones to long distance calling plans, advanced technology keeps you connected. 

The Pet Care Store features unique, great tasting products formulated with the same care and technology as human supplements to help support and maintain your pet’s health.

The Endless Shopping Experience: The possibilities are endless with the Endless Shopping Experience. It offers hundreds of stores, millions of products, no waiting, secure transactions, shipping right to your door, and relaxing, stress-free shopping all through your Market America Web Portal. For more detailed information on Market America’s virtual stores and individual products, simply log on to your UnFranchise® Business Account.


As we continue to develop long-term working relationships with Distributors and their customers, we also continue to learn more about what our customers really want and need. This is the base of Market America’s concept of One-to-One Marketing. By combining consumers’ individual desires with top-of-the-line manufacturers and research companies, Market America will continue to add to and develop its stores in Market America's Mall without Walls. Make sure to pay particular attention to ongoing updates and additions to the Mall by taking advantage of all training opportunities and product launch events, and by reading the various media made available to all Distributors.


Market America’s Preferred Partner (MAPP) Stores: Through the Market America Preferred Partner (MAPP/Regional IBV Program) Market America has partnered with many merchants in the neighborhoods and communities where Distributors and their customers live and work. Distributors earn IBV when they or their customers purchase products or services from any participating MAPP Merchant(s) regardless of where the merchant is located. To get started simply pre-register one or more qualifying credit cards with our Preferred Merchant Services Provider. To register your credit cards go to your UnFranchise Business Account, click Regional IBV, then select Register Credit Cards, then register up to five credit cards to use in participating MAPP businesses. For you to receive IBV from your customer’s purchases, you will have to make sure that they also register up to five credit cards. Customers may register up to five credit cards through your Portal by using a link found under Shop Local Stores.

To find participating MAPP Merchants, Distributors can go to their UnFranchise Business Account, click on “Shop Local Stores” and enter the zip code for the area of interest. Customers can click “Shop Local Stores” on your Portal to find participating MAPP Merchants. You will find a listing of all participating MAPP Merchant locations in the zip code, along with a description of products and services offered by each MAPP merchant, and a link for directions to the MAPP Merchant’s location. Both you and your customers should remember to make your Market America Credit Card one of the five cards you register to earn additional IBV.

* MAPP is not currently available in Canada.


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